12:10pm | 02/02/2021

In the modern context with nearly half the UK population interested in environmentalism, shopping for eco-friendly goods and services should be simple right? Sadly, it isn’t because as environmental consideration has become a hot topic, the world of marketing has jumped on it nearly as much as it has our love for pets. The marketing expert’s main contribution to the conservationist movement has been a lot of “green noise” and “green washing” to make the most of trend. Unsurprisingly, such developments have drawn in all too many unsuspecting folk with good intentions and have been a source of much frustration for the those trying to shop green. So if you’re unfamiliar with the concepts, here’s a bit more about them and how we’re doing our best to help you avoid them.

Green Noise is a business claiming their products or services are eco-friendly when they are simply not. The most atrocious example of this was an airline airing a TV ad in 2019 claiming they were the “eco-friendly” airline. From something so obvious there was outrage and the ad was quickly banned, but there are plenty of more subtle examples out there misleading good intentions.

Green-washing is when a company exaggerates small things that are eco-friendly about them or their products to give their brand or products the feel of eco-friendly while their products or their activity is far from it. Examples of this would be: a product with packaging emphasising “made from recyclable plastic” which really equates to “virgin plastic”; or if a giant global brand made a huge song and dance about plans to be emission neutral by 2040 or some distant date while they continue with harmful activities in the meantime, and when they have the resources to make all the changes necessary a fifth of the time. 

We understand the true reality: we’re not on the meandering clock of businesses and governments, ticking to suit a bottom line or self-interests; we’re on the unyielding clock of the planet so to make the impact needed in time, disruption is the name of the game.

Every penny we spend with a company that at best, makes wishy-washy promises on the subject or at worst, completely ignores environmental awareness, is fuel turning the cogs in an economy that serves the society which got us into this mess. That is why we’re tirelessly working to make sure we thoroughly research all the businesses on the Uncertified Network and completely vet all the businesses on the Certified Network.

Due to those fantastic business owners out there with true integrity and pride themselves on showing it in their business practice, extinction is coming for those practices that have inflicted it on so many. Joining our network as a business and spending in our economy of green businesses personally can help to ensure extinction comes for those polluting the airwaves with green noise or worse before their marketing ploys forces extinction on everyone else.

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