Would you like to be rewarded for being greener? There are plenty of ways to do so, however, one way that many people don’t think of is via their own home. By improving the energy efficiency of your home you could be able to reduce your monthly outgoings, which would make saving up for that BMW electric I8 a lot easier!

Lenders are beginning to flood the market with ‘green products’ which is great news for you eco-conscious homeowners and landlords.

What is a green product? As green product is one where the lender may offer a preferential interest rate or cashback for making improvements to your property or purchasing a property with a certain EPC (energy performance rating).

Example of Energy performance certificate & Environmental Impact Rating

Did you know that the built environment contributes 40% of the UK’s carbon footprint? Over half of this comes from energy use in buildings and infrastructure.  Making improvements to your home to reduce the energy usage can not only help bring this percentage down but also bring those dreaded monthly bills down too. Whether you need to replace the boiler, update the windows to double glazing or install insulation, the government may be able to offer help by providing cash towards the improvements.

The recent pandemic has shown that when free cash is on offer people will jump at the chance to take it, and this is no different. The government would like to help you help the planet, so take advantage.

If you would like to find out more information on government incentives and green products, then go ahead and download the Greenleaf TDG app. Other awesome stuff on the app includes tracking your own footprint, earning rewards and finding local businesses supporting a sustainable environment.