At Greenleaf TDG, all our activity is entirely designed to meet our main objective, so using our services – as a business or as a person, fully or just a little – contributes towards meeting our primary objective.

Any company that holds a business account with us – any Greenleaf Certified Business – have also agreed to work with us to meet our main objective.








Pushing sustainability forward...

All of Greenleaf’s activity, products and services are designed specifically to make progress on the pressing sustainability issues we face, as set out in the UN Development goals. 

Greenleaf directly push forward 9 of the 17 goals.


We work with our partner businesses to ensure one critical feature runs throughout the Greenleaf Network: solutions provided have less or no environmental consequences compared to the mainstream market. 

Beyond that, the team at Greenleaf work with our partners to help their businesses make a positive impact on the environment and guarantee doing so is a forward movement for the company. We endeavour to ensure that by working with us, considering the environment is not just adding extra unnecessary work on top of dealing with the day-to-day on-goings of their business.

This means our customers can shop with trust and confidence wherever you find our logo; knowing it certifies that this company contributes to a cleaner tomorrow. 

An issue in combating climate change is the behaviour of businesses, the tricky bit is- this is arguably driven by us, the consumer. How we spend our money has bigger consequences than we probably realise or, more likely, have the time to think about. 

What’s trickier still is knowing what are the best options and who to get them from, right at the precise moment you need to know- and that’s where we come in. We understand that a key part of managing your footprint is knowing just this and that’s why our app and services provide this information easily at the touch of a button.

That means that having and using an account with us, business or personal, takes care of the micro- you’ll soon be on your way to reducing your environmental effect on a daily basis. Then, the macro is taken care of through the growth and success of out partners.

The success of businesses making a point of being environmentally responsible will further the shift in demand, behaviour and attitudes on a larger scale setting the example for new start-ups and breathing a new air of life into established brands.

So, whilst we’ve made a product that can directly tackle climate change, we need you to use it and help spread the word to make the impact happen and happen for good!


Our founding pair and others they worked with on the initial build come from a variety of backgrounds, holding honours in business, engineering, music, geography and artifical intelligence (AI) to name a few, as well as holding over 100 years of experience between them. Despite differences in circumstance, the founders agreed upon three core principles which continue to be upheld today by all the staff within our growing company:




Our services won’t always provide you with the answers you want to hear, or the answers that make us the most money, because we’ll always provide you the most accurate and realistic answers we can. At Greenleaf, we commit to respecting and upholding your trust in us, and commit to providing you with true, unbiased, unprejudiced information and services.


Greenleaf was founded by two friends who met whilst living together at university. During their first year, they learned they shared an interest in the planet’s wellbeing. Ideas began to flow and eventually the pair came up with the concept which today is Greenleaf.

They recognised that either finding eco-friendly businesses or adopting practices wasn’t that easy, for one reason or another there are barriers to uptake.

The team developed a business which focuses on smashing those barriers down, making all the greenest businesses, tech and methods accessible and valuable to all parties.

Andrew and Steve in 2016 during their time at university together.


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