Four common issues to watch out for when making your business sustainable

Society appears to have understood the need to be sustainable. The founding of Greenleaf however, came from a study into why this understanding was not correlating with a drop in world emissions. The study identified 4 factors blocking the uptake of eco-friendly practices. The price barrier: Moving to a sustainable lifestyle can appear daunting. Searching […]

In the wake of the recent IPCC Report, is offsetting enough?

This month, the UN’s IPCC released the third and final section of its Sixth Assessment Report on climate change. Prepared by hundreds of authors from 65 countries, the report is a ‘file of shame’ for failed carbon pledges. It states that there must be “rapid, deep and immediate” cuts in carbon dioxide emissions.  According to […]

Sustainability Expo and World’s First Carbon-Neutral Raceday

*For tickets, please scroll to the bottom of this page* The event offers a great couple of days out for anyone with a personal interest in discovering the world of sustainability or for business professionals interested in developing their network with sustainability-minded organisations. The race day itself offers a great day out for the family […]