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A Certified Business Account with Greenleaf gives you direct access to the 33 million strong eco-conscious market along with an environmental certification and a chance to network and treat your staff with our business rewards scheme.

Getting a  Business Account and becoming a Certified Partner starts with one of our easy evaluations. 

We even vet our Uncertified Network so it only features businesses that are contributing to a sustainable tomorrow.

Plus, register before August 2021 and get up to 6 months membership on us.

Our website is the hub of all our business services and is the access point for our business accounts. Existing business customers can access their account here.


If you think climate change is a hot topic now, consider that it’s been steadily growing since the 1700s- it’s not going to tail off anytime soon, this is just the beginning. In the modern context, government grants, contracts and recruitment competitions can be won or lost on the strength of your environmental policies. Greenleaf can help you get them in order, along with giving you the brand image to make sure your business’s environmental policies only ever play in your favour. On top of that, we’ll be helping prepare for incoming legislation, avoiding you getting hit by an unforeseen rise in costs or or accidentally falling into a higher tax bracket.

A business account with us will help your business align with the environmental movement and we’ll make sure everybody we reach knows you have. Simply working with us reaffirms the eco-friendly intentions of your business, while our rewards network is the marketing platform which will directly give you the opportunity to boost your sales, increase brand loyalty or even open up a new sales stream all together.

Becoming a Certified Partner

Your business can get certification through a quick and easy evaluation by one of our friendly team. The process is necessary to maintain the integrity of our service and allow our personal account holders to shop with confidence and trust wherever they see our brand- there is no judgement or credit-checks and it is entirely confidential. 

Becoming a Greenleaf Certified Business is less expensive than you’d think – for small businesses, the cost of one of our evaluations is  four times less than what one person spends on coffee in a year! And your first 6 months memberships fees are free if you sign up before August 2021. After that, we offer an array of flexible payment arrangements for membership fees – from a flat rate to pay-per-hit.


We could bore you with a million and one reasons, but here’s 7:

Reward Network

As a Business Account holder your business will  earn Green-Credit any time someone with the Greenleaf App or another Business Account holder uses one of your offers. You can spend your Green-Credit in the Greenleaf Business Reward Network.

We also team up with our partners to run networking events throughout the year, the biggest of which is the annual LEAFY awards. Once your business is signed up, it will be automatically eligible for any of the LEAFY awards it qualifies for and you’ll be able to access tickets to the event.


Our evaluation service takes your businesses data and configures it into an easy to understand score telling you exactly how your business is affecting the environment.

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Business Score

This score and other tools we use to breakdown feedback, including our unique 576 tier business sizing matrix, contextualises your performance with other businesses of a similar size and nature to yours.

Once your business has passed the evaluation, you’ll get a certificate along with any other material you’ll need to market your new accreditation and instant access to a range of tools to help you measure and manage your progression- including your full report and key recommendations.


Are you worried about Brexit’s effect on your business? Aligning your business environmentally might just also safeguard your business from the Brexit fallout. For British based businesses, international trade is full of uncertainties at the moment, but Greenleaf can help you establish and further your trade within the UK utilising the partners within our network. Greenleaf champions local trade where possible, because done the right way, it’ll always be an eco-friendlier alternative to international trade – so letting Greenleaf help you make a few changes now, might just open up a whole new dimension to your business that you never knew was there.
Unfortunately, Brexit may not be the end of political uncertainty and changing business legislation within the UK. In the next few years the Paris Agreement will see increasingly stringent regulations put in place. Around 60% of the UK’s emissions come from commercial sources which means legislation is set to tighten for businesses micro – large. Working with Greenleaf and becoming a Greenleaf certified business will help align you with incoming legislation by reducing your in-house eco-effect, as well as continually searching for new alternatives and cleaner methods to supply, distribute or market your business. If you would like to find out more about the Paris Agreement, click one of the options below.

To read the wiki summary of the Paris Agreement  click here.

Or to read the full Paris Agreement click here and select “Certified true copy”.