The Rewards Network

A Business Account gets you access to Greenleaf’s marketing platform, along with networking opportunities and a chance to treat your staff, along with a discount rewards scheme for your business.


Our network design is part of the many things we use to achieve to our main objective: To Initiate, aid or change the nation in becoming environmentally sustainable.

Lowest scoring users only get access to the our highest scoring businesses. This guides our low scoring accounts to quick high scoring options (and therefore high impact on their emissions).

An increased score then opens up the network to allow the user to ‘treat’ themselves. Overuse of ‘treats’ or if another aspect (e.g. Travel/Home) brings their score down again, the network access drops to help the user get their score up. A score of 900+ is only reached by engaging with all elements of earning points and using treats in moderation; much like a high credit rating can only be obtained with proven borrowing history.

We keep our businesses scores confidential so we provide guidance with our “cool-off” feature to advise you how often offers can be used before impacting your profile’s score.


We aim for our rewards to have real value for every scoring customer but we reserve our very best deals for our top performing customers.

The same offers are available to everyone scoring up to 500 and then rewards just keep getting better.


900 TO 999


800 TO 899


700 TO 799

Our top achieving business and individuals each year are invited as our guests with up to four tickets each to the awards and afterparty (businesses max 12 tickets).

The LEAFY Awards celebrate all that’s been achieved that year in a movement toward a fully sustainable society. The LEAFYs feature awards for everyday achievers and the best achieving businesses; featuring awards such as best investment, best innovation, best concept and, of course, company of the year amongst many more.
The LEAFY Awards are a new set of awards which are given out to the general public and businesses in the UK. They are given out at the annual LEAFY Awards ceremony held every July and hosted by Route9.