The LEAFY Awards

Green Awards. Green Certifications

26/02/2022¦ 7:00PM – 10:00PM Tickets on sale early August! Our top achieving business and individuals each year are invited as our guests with up to four tickets each to the awards and afterparty (businesses max 12 tickets).The LEAFY Awards celebrate all that’s been achieved that year in a movement toward a fully sustainable society. The […]

Improve your home, Save money!

Improve your home. Save money. Make your home greener.

Would you like to be rewarded for being greener? There are plenty of ways to do so, however, one way that many people don’t think of is via their own home.

What is Green Noise and Green Washing?

Green Noise

In the modern context with nearly half the UK population interested in environmentalism, shopping for eco-friendly goods and services should be simple right? Sadly, it isn’t because as environmental consideration has become a hot topic, the world of marketing has jumped on it nearly as much as it has our love for pets. The marketing expert’s main contribution to the conservationist movement has been a lot of “green noise” and “green washing” to make the most of trend. Unsurprisingly, such developments have drawn in all too many unsuspecting folk with good intentions and have been a source of much frustration for the those trying to shop green. So if you’re unfamiliar with the concepts, here’s a bit more about them and how we’re doing our best to help you avoid them.

I see you’ve got some butchers, fashion brands and other options on your Network – they aren’t meant to be eco-friendly? How does that work?

Green Companies. Eco-friendly.

Yes, our Networks do include butchers but we believe having to go completely meat free is one of a few common misconceptions when it comes to living an eco-friendly lifestyle – another one of those misconceptions is “vegan living = environmentally friendly.” Yes, we do have fashion outlets on the Network, but as the following discusses, the problem lies with the rate we consume as much as what we consume and the their industries.